Cat Vaccines

Veterinarian giving injection to a cat

Cat Vaccines From Our Veterinary Team at Embassy Veterinary Center

Embassy Veterinary Center provides tailored cat vaccines, focusing on both core and non-core vaccinations to suit individual feline needs. Our experienced veterinary team ensures a gentle approach, administering vaccines for diseases like feline distemper and rabies and advising pet owners on the best vaccination schedule. We prioritize your cat’s comfort and health, offering expert guidance for maintaining their well-being.

Why Cat Vaccination Services Are Important

Cat vaccination services are more than just a healthcare routine; they are a cornerstone of responsible pet ownership and community well-being. These vaccinations protect against serious diseases like feline distemper and rabies, ensuring the health of individual cats while also preventing the spread of these illnesses within the pet population and potentially to humans. Regular vaccinations contribute significantly to a cat’s long-term health, enhancing their quality of life. By embracing vaccination for our feline companions, we not only safeguard their well-being but also contribute to a healthier, safer environment for all. It’s a thoughtful, caring choice that benefits both our beloved pets and the wider community.

What Vaccines for Cats Are Necessary?

Core Cat Vaccines

Core cat vaccines are essential for protecting felines against highly contagious and potentially life-threatening diseases, including feline distemper, rabies, and certain respiratory infections. These vaccines are recommended for all cats regardless of their lifestyle, as they provide a foundation for a healthy and disease-free life.

Non-Core Cat Vaccines

Non-core cat vaccines are tailored to individual felines based on their specific lifestyle, environment, and risk of exposure to certain diseases. These vaccines, including those for feline leukemia, bordetella, and feline immunodeficiency virus, are administered after evaluating each cat's unique circumstances and potential health risks.

Cat Vaccination Schedule

A cat vaccination schedule is vital for protecting your feline companion from dangerous diseases like rabies, feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and respiratory infections. Typically starting in kittenhood, core vaccinations are given in a series, with booster shots as your cat matures. Consult with a veterinarian to customize the schedule based on your cat’s age, lifestyle, and location. Vaccinations not only safeguard your cat’s health but also contribute to the well-being of the broader feline community by preventing disease spread.

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